Water Heater Plumbing Services in Phoenix

Everyone agrees that water heaters are among our homes’ most crucial plumbing fixtures. The luxury of getting instant hot water whenever we want is often taken for granted, which is why homeowners may forget to have routine checkups for their water heaters. Unlike other plumbing fixtures, water heaters are quite sensitive and need extra care. You can’t just call your local plumber to fix your water heater unless they are professionally trained in this field. 

How Do You Know Your Water Heater is Malfunctioning? 

You can only know when to call a professional if you understand the signs your water heater is throwing at you. Some of these might be obvious, but others might be easy to miss.

Frequent Leaks

Examine your water heater, including the area surrounding it. Have a professional inspect it if you notice water gathering around, trickling from the tank or connections. A valve replacement, pressure adjustment, or firming of a few joints may be necessary to address the issue.

24-Hour Emergency Hot Water Heater Plumbing Services in Phoenix

However, it can also indicate that a connection should be upgraded or that the temperature/pressure-relief valve requires servicing. To avoid overheating, a technician must repair the TPR valve as soon as possible if it is the source of the problem. Leakages could also mean the tank has developed corrosion or cracks. If this is the case, you will need a new tank installed.

Dirty Water

Once the water flowing from the taps gets cloudy, get concerned because it is a red flag. There may be rust within the water heater or rusted pipes if you notice rust flakes or a metallic reek with the hot water. This will eventually cause leaks.

Another hint that the water heater will likely malfunction is cloudy water. Cloudy water is often a result of mineral buildup in the system hence the hazy appearance.  Such deposits may obstruct the water flow and harm the heater’s internal parts as they accumulate.

Insufficient Hot Water

The tank is the problem if you are sure the hot water shortage is not caused by increased usage. This could mean the heater is not working at full capacity or can no longer retain heat. You can try to adjust the temperature to higher levels, but if this doesn’t work, call your technician. There might be replacements needed to get it back to normal.

Alarming Sounds from the Heater

Always listen carefully for strange sounds emanating from your storage tank, such as booming, groaning, banging, gurgling, or loud cracks and snaps. Your appliance attempts to alert you to a problem if it makes any of these noises. Noises originating from a hot water system tank are typically caused by a heating element degrading or burning silt and scale. 

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The most concerning noises are those that boil since they typically signify extreme overheating or pressure accumulation. Like other typical water heater issues, your response will be to empty the tank and clear the buildup. You will likely have to upgrade the heating components if the noises persist after flushing away the accumulated deposit.